SEMNLA Chapter Update - May/June 2020

SEMNLA Chapter Update

By Tim Parker, Bluewater Horticulture LLC and 2020 SEMNLA President

I have been asked to pen a letter of encouragement and I take this on enthusiastically. I feel that I have always been an optimist with a proverbial glass that is half full.

I am old enough to have been alive during some turbulent times; no wise guys, not the Great Depression or the Big War, but 9-11, the Great Recession and now COVID-19.

I don’t bring these times up to remind us of the pain but I bring them up to remind us of how we endured. This is a message of hope and encouragement. At no time should it be misconstrued for any lack of recognition of the gravity of the situation.

I think that after weeks of most of us being sheltered in place, most people are clear with understanding that we are in uncharted waters. We have all experienced loss in our life whether it’s family, friends or even a business. It is life’s biggest challenges that give us the perspective on what is truly important, and that is your health and the health of others.